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Simple storing solutions with our storage packing tips

Does your spring involve a big move or need for storage? Get storage packing tips before you start storing with Safe Place Mini Storage. While winter moves out and we anxiously await the summer sun, make a few edits to your belongings by storing excess gear. Our space is ideal when you plan to sell your home or need to downsize. When the weather gets nicer there is an increase of families relocating and our storage units in Fredericksburg VA simplify the process.

Starting your spring plans now will help ease you into a relaxing summer. With your winter equipment safe and sound, and your summer tools ready at a moments notice, you can relax this year.

Fredericksburg VA storage packing tips

  • Get specific with your labels. Mark what is inside rather then where they came from.
  • Have a map of where everything sits in the storage unit. You will be thankful for this the next time you need something specific.
  • Keep the smaller boxes for heavier items.
  • The goal is to have clean items going into storage and coming out. Spend the time vacuuming and cleaning before storing.
  • Keep doors to the fridge and freezer open if storing them long term.
  • Add a layer of packing peanuts on the bottom and top of the box dinnerware is in.
  • Try not to stack boxes on the couch since it will create a sag or deform your cushions. Instead stand the couch on its side or upright and then cover.
  • Leave a lose sheet or blanket over materials rather than plastic tarps. The heavy plastic traps moisture in and can warp surfaces like coffee tables or rust metal shelves.

These storage solutions for the spring will make summer that much more enjoyable. Safe Place Mini Storage has space to offer you the next time you move or want more room around the house.

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