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October 1, 2019

5 Storage Supplies To Benefit Your Move

Storage Supplies

In need of somewhere to store all of the belongings that you have been packing while the seasons are starting to change? Figuring out the storage supplies needed for a move can be a little tricky. Safe Place Mini Storage can be the assistance you need! On top of providing a very safe and secure facility, we also have different merchandise that is extremely useful when moving into storage. With the use of our different suggestions, this moving process will be stress-free.

What Storage Supplies Will You Need?

  1. Boxes – Multiple sizes work the best, allowing for more organization.
  2. Bubble Wrap – Adds an extra layer of protection to your valuable and fragile items while packed away.
  3. Tape – Use to fully secure all of the boxes that you pack.
  4. Labels – Helpful for movers, and keeping your storage unit organized.
  5. Dust Cover – Protect your larger items and furniture from damages due to dust, dirt, and water.

Stop by our office and find an abundance of more storage supplies for sale that are extremely helpful during a move.

The Benefits of Purchasing Supplies Here…

Throughout the month of October, for every merchandise sale, a portion of the total is donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The month of October is associated with breast cancer awareness, so stop on by our facility and help out the cause by getting the merchandise you need!

Are you not sure about the number of boxes or rolls of tape you will need throughout your moving process? Try out U-Haul’s supply calculator to help you narrow down the quantity.

Test out our storage calculator if you can not decide what storage unit size is the best selection for the belongings you plan on storing. Check out our units available page, and see the various amounts of storage options and sizes we have to offer!

Safe Place Mini Storage understands that moving belongings to storage is completely new to some individuals. However, with the tools we provide, along with our storage experts, all of your possessions will be moved into storage in a flash. Discover our Safe Place Mini Storage facility in Fredericksburg VA.