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Local Storage Fredericksburg VA
September 18, 2019

Local Storage and Back To School Tips

Local Storage Fredericksburg VA

With the back to school season being upon all of us, your busy schedules will also be returning. How is it that our local storage in Fredericksburg VA can help you in preparation? Having extra space, your seasonal gear will be completely secure at our facility until the next time you will need those items. Additionally, we have tips for your home that will get you and the children ready for a new year. Find out multiple ways how self storage units help during the back to school season.

Organization Around The House

Now that kids are back to school, coordinating schedules and planning your weekly meals are a reality again. Become organized in a hurry with these convenient tips.

  1. Layout your kids clothes for the week. Letting your kids help pick their clothes out ahead of time avoids last-minute doubt.
  2. Post your upcoming meals for the week. You can include family nights for dinner, or nights you are going to go out to eat. This allows you older children to plan accordingly.
  3. Establish a command center. This can have the following: wall calendar, chore chart, younger kid visual schedule, weekly meal planner, and paper bins for important documents.
  4. Create a homework station for your children to concentrate on their school work. A trifold foam display works extremely well as you can design it however your child would like. It also folds away and stores easily when homework is completed!
  5. Post a morning and bedtime schedule that has an illustrated checklist for your kids. Having these schedules will help them get back into a daily routine for the school year.

Discover numerous amounts of other tips for organizing your home here!

Local Storage Fredericksburg VA

Outdoor Equipment Storage

  1. Utilize our large storage units for storing your kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards. This protects these items from damage due to extreme weather.
  2. When it is time to put the pedal bikes aways for a few months remember to complete the following tasks. (1) Clean the bike of all dirt and debris. (2) Lube the chain and cables. (3) Fill the tires with air to prevent flat spots.
  3. Designate time to allow your tents and sleeping bags to air out from your last use before storing them.
  4. Pack your camping gear into clear storage bins. After, label the outside of the bin with all the materials that can be found within.
  5. Before winter sets in, make sure you take care of your lawn care items. (1) Fill the gas tank completely and add a fuel additive. (2) Inflate all the tires. (3) Change the oil.

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Safe Place Mini Storage is your local storage opportunity for the back to school season. Our selection of indoor and outdoor storage units can be the answer to storing your seasonal gear due to the various amounts of storage unit options. Clear out your house and garage from an eventful summer and move your seasonal possessions to local storage in Fredericksburg VA, with who you trust at Safe Place Mini Storage.