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self storage tips Fredericksburg VA
August 28, 2018

Seasonal Storage: Self Storage Tips for Fall

self storage tips Fredericksburg VA Here at Safe Place Mini Storage, we help our customers find a storage unit that works for their belongings and budget. We will help you get ready for storage with self storage tips for the upcoming cooler weather. Our drive up storage options and temperature controlled storage units, are both great for storing your items. Let our experts find you the Fredericksburg VA storage unit to help you stay organized this fall.

Self storage tips before you arrive at the storage unit

self storage tips Fredericksburg VA
  • Before parking the RV for a few months, clean every surface. Once germs and dirt have been removed, place a few moisture absorbing containers inside to prolong your hard work.
  • Allow your canoe or kayak to breath and avoid placing a cover over top of it in the storage unit.
  • Wood chairs and tables should be pulled in from outside and placed in storage. Replace any pieces that have become weathered and use an all weather stain to prepare them for next year.
  • Does your small business need storage? Those paper boxes with last year’s tax documents or your extra inventory can be better stored here.
  • Metal tends to rust easily once one area starts. Each season sand away small rust spots so they do not become a bigger issue in the future.
  • Fold t-shirts, tank tops, and shorts but hang your formal dresses and suits on a rack. These delicate items will have deep wrinkles that will be tough to remove next spring, if folded and placed in a box.
While you wrap up the end of your summer, Safe Place Mini Storage is prepping for cooler weather. Look forward to your favorite fall events in Fredericksburg VA while we secure your items. Reach out to our storage experts for more self storage tips for the fall and help when renting your next storage unit.